Tales of the Snowclad

I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure.

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DESTINY// Screens 

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the cities of skyrim

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Chapter Master finished up. (I really need to stop being cheap and get a light box set up)

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Just some WIPs of the new terrain I’m working on - this time, it’s a waterside tavern. I liked the idea that the guy who built it found a spot with an old round watchtower on it, and just built the pub around the tower.

This is the ground floor, which is going to be the main drinking room of the tavern along with the tower room which is going to be used to store all of the booze barrels.

So here’s a few shots of the tavern, and then a table I’ve been working on with some ale flagons made of plasticard tube. These were added as an afterthought so I haven’t painted them yet. The Satyxis captain seems to be about to smash the table up though…

Next up, a few shots of the bar which is going to be put into the tavern near to the tower room. Added a small barrel with a tap on it to this. And finally one of the Renedra barrels I’m going to be filling the tower room with.

Once the ground floor’s done I’m gonna start working on the next storey, which will have a few rooms for rent as well as the Landlord’s room in the tower.

Nice design.

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The Making of a Hobbit- door!

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